Fast Hacks to Save You from Awkward Situations Many of Us Have Been In

There may have been many a moment when you found yourself in an awkward situation. Unpleasant surprises can strike at any moment of the day and when you don’t know what to do, it can be quite an embarrassing moment. Awkwardness, of course, can be just a laugh or it can go on to something where you simply wish you could vanish like if you are stuck in a meeting or dialogue when disaster strikes. You won’t ever know if people are watching your chest sweat or if you break a heel while crossing the street. It’s easy to say that shit happens when you least expect it. But then on the flip side, there is much you can do if only you knew what to do and when. Here are those answers that can take you out of a tricky situation.

1. Greasy hair

What if you suddenly found that there is no time to even wash your hair especially when it’s greasy. You may have got up late, or simply have to rush early to work so what do you do? Well, for greasy hair, all you have to do is use paper towels which can simply blot out the grease from the hair roots. Once you are done, simply tousle your hair and it will look fresh again.

Greasy hair

2. Problems with your zipper

If you clothes zipper gets stuck unexpectedly, you can use a lead pencil on it. Just rub the pencil lead on both sides of the zipper and then pull it back and forth gently. Instead of the pencil, if you have chapstick on you, that’s also a great alternative.

Problems with your zipper

3. Chest sweat

If the day is too warm and you find that you are sweating abit more than usual on your chest area and you really need to do something about it before it starts to be noticed, then here’s what you can do. Use panty liners by putting them in your bra to absorb the sweat. This way there will be no stain on your clothes.

Chest sweat

4. Fresh breath

This can be a bummer when you find that your date is a few moments away or you have a meeting and your breath is like “phew”! You don’t have access to a bathroom, or there’s no time to brush your teeth. Well! The best way to freshen your breath is to chew on coffee beans. It may be bitter but it will actually take away the bad odor. Because of the texture of the beans, you will also end up getting a thorough tongue cleaning that removes the plaque from your tongue.

Fresh breath

5. Ink Stains

This is bound to happen sometimes when a leaky pen leaves ink stains on your shirt pocket without you realizing it. Instead of worrying about what to do, just get hold of some antibacterial hand gel. Place a hand towel beneath the stain, now pour the sanitizer on it and rub with cotton or a napkin. After that wash the area with water.

Ink Stains

6. When you’re facing leggings trouble

The problems with leggings are that they can also emphasize the flaws in your body but even if you are unhappy with that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear them. Use old pantyhose by cutting them and converting them into shorts. Wear them beneath your leggings and they will appear toned without displaying crevices or creases.

When you’re facing leggings trouble

7. Wet shoes

It’s easy to dry out your wet shoes if you know how. It may seem gross but cat litter can be used for drying out your shoes. Presuming you have a cat as a pet, first pour cat litter into pantyhose. Then tie it up into a ball and place it inside your shoes. Leave it in there overnight where it will absorb moisture. Along with the pantyhose filled with cat litter, place some sodium bicarbonate inside the shoes to prevent bacteria buildup and remove unpleasant odors.

Wet shoes

8. Yellow teeth

Did you know that if you have yellow teeth, you can make it whiter with the help of bananas? Yes, just use the banana peel and rub your teeth with the inner side of the peel for about 15 minutes. Then brush with a toothbrush without paste to remove the debris from your teeth and rinse with water. This will gradually whiten your teeth.

Yellow teeth

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