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Artistic Pencil Drawing Techniques, Easy to Draw fro Beginners

The technique of pencil drawing is one of the methods used in the art of illustration, especially in sketches, to improve the artistic skill of beginners in this subject.This will help new people learn to master their drawing styles; and if it is with a lot of practice, it will reach perfection.To get good results, you have to know that you need patience, dedication, and effort.This technique needs exclusive materials to improve the quality of the drawings.

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You have to know that there is a classification of pencils, ranging from those that have a soft tip, that is used to give more finished details, to hard tip that helps to give better deep strokes to the image.If you want to learn about pencil drawing techniques, we recommend 10 methods that will serve as a guide.This way you can get good results, and the best thing is that you can do them to improve your talent.

With this style of drawing, you can capture thousands of scenarios such as landscapes, portraits of people, monuments and any type of object that you never thought to portray  of people, monuments and any type of object that you never thought to portray with this novel method.Below, we show you these 10 exclusive methods of pencil drawing, which will help you capture any person or object that you want to capture on a sheet of paper.

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1. Cross Hatching

The Cross Hatching consists of wiggling the tone, texture, and shading of the drawing using the parallel lines, but these must have little space.After becoming diagonal lines, you can get less or greater darkness, depending on the separation that is left in each space.

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2. Circulation

As the name implies, this method employs a series of very small circles that overlap each other.Here, it is not necessary that each circle be perfect, it is enough that they are small and that they are very close together.The darkness or shadow will depend on the sizes of the circles that are made.The Circular is useful to draw the skin of people because the finish is irregular.

Therefore, it is recommended that circles be made gently on the sheet.With this technique, special finishes can be given to the pores of the face, and it is almost one of the last finishes that are given before finishing the sketch.

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3. Shading

The shading technique is divided into two ways: with an open and closed pattern.It differs in the way the pencil is used.This is used in a closed angle, increasing or decreasing the pressure, producing shadows in the form of an open zigzag, closed parallel lines and separate lines.

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4. Scheme

This method allows you to give better finishes to your drawings.You can create, for example, a light scheme, but you must reduce the pressure you make to the drawing on paper, and perform a slow movement.With a solid line, you can create elements or details that give a softened tone on the paper.The thick strokes that are made by hand, can have better pressures if you hold the pencil closer to the tip to have better control and increase tonality.

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5. Hatching

It is done by marking or creating small lines that are placed together to create the fill color between the spaces.This way of drawing can help you to give details, shading and greater pressure in the contours.

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6. Sgraffito

The sgraffito is a technique similar to that of Hatching.It allows you to give better finishes and shading and is a good way to add darker shades to pencil drawings, and you can also create multiple layers to give better focus.

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7. Stipping

Stipping is a pencil drawing technique that allows you to mark small lines that come together to create a color or shading.Here, the lines are usually very small, similar to small scripts.It can be used for the iris of the eyes, or to draw the facial hair, and is ideal for mixing if you use light pressure.

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8. Round trip

Perhaps this method can be the most used by many people since it is the first one in shades, the same one that we learned when we were in school.It involves moving the pen in a mov I lie to and fro, having a faster rate, and that all lines go in the same direction.It is usually used to create the outline of the object and to make sure the spaces of the filling shadows within the desired space.

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9. Scumbling

The Scumbling allows you to move small circular movements, but each of them must be kept very tight.It is very similar to the method of the Circulo, the difference is that this is used to give more smoothness to the drawing, and have a smoother texture.

10. Smoothing

Finally, the smoothing allows you to give better detail to your drawings.You can blur your strokes, to give that touch of softness to your drawings, and as a result, you can achieve even and smooth layers.

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