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Tips to maintain the summer mood throughout the year

Some people live constantly thinking about the desired and hot summer. Yes, it’s okay to wait for it, but it’s clear that it doesn’t last forever. It’s only 3 months that as they arrive they leave, without warning, without being able to reverse. And then what do we have left? Well, a beautiful year to learn, discover, enjoy …

Although it seems that it is not always easy to maintain the same mood that we have in this sunny season. And there are more hours of light, the terraces are full of people and we all like social life, so we relax a little more. Even flooded with the laughter and joy of the people, we forget the worries and we can disconnect.

Perhaps for all this, summer is the favorite season of 50% of Spaniards, according to a survey conducted by the Mequedouno sales portal. While the personal and professional leadership coach and director of the El Factor Humano center, Mónica García, has wanted to react by providing follow-up advice to live all year round with the same attitude we have in summer.

Summer, all year

For Garcia, “summer is a state of mind, not a season.” So we might think that the power of happiness and joy is in our hands, although it is true that external conditions are more favorable in summer. As long as you change your habits and approaches every new season and time of the year more positively, here we leave you the coach’s advice so you don’t lose your smile or your good mood.

Know how to value things

In summer the hours of the sun become eternal and it is magnificent to be able to spend hours and hours doing activities under natural light. And when it’s over, the time changes and it gets dark before, we start to fall apart and not despise the bad weather.

Have a more social life

We all want to leave the house in good weather, while we want to stay at home watching series or movies and with the blanket when the day is fluttered or, simply, when it is no longer summer.

Remember that we need to talk and connect with friends, with family, with people … Whatever the time of the year, it is indispensable for our well-being. Dare to leave home more! Winter also deserves an opportunity and is not an impediment for you to be social. You may put the impediments yourself.

Live the moment

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to realize the people you have at your side, the place you are in and the good things that are happening to your life. It seems that we tend to forget more worries in summer, with a beer in hand and talking with our friends on the terrace of the bar … Well, it should not be so, leave the mind free of your distress and savor the moment.

Outdoor time

There are as many activities we can do in winter as we do in summer, the difference is in our perspective and point of view that only focuses on sunny plans. Why not live an adventure with your jacket on? The plans exist and nature is still there. Change the focus of your look! If you learn to look, you can see beyond.

Keep taking care

And the time for you, when? It is not necessary to wait to be at the gates of summer to start taking care of ourselves and dedicating time to ourselves. Why don’t we take care of ourselves this well during the winter?

It is true that the change to shorts, tank tops and sandals a long time ago since we see the dryness of our knees, feet, arms, elbows … And, consequently, we care about being ready for the new season Summer But well that we also observe our body in winter. So why don’t we do it so carefully and acting accordingly?

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