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Tips to achieve your dreams. Yours, really!

We pursue dreams because we need to live with goals to be happy. We turn things thousand times to try to discover how to achieve it and reach that goal we want. But it is not always easy nor do the conditions exist to achieve it. As if that were not enough, sometimes they are not external factors, but we are the ones who complicate the situation or enter a loop from which we cannot leave and within which we find no way forward.

Keys to achieving your dreams

To overcome the obstacles, overcome yourself and leave the vicious circle that prevents you from moving towards your dreams, you must analyze and deepen what is happening. The book 10 keys to achieve your dreams of Monica Esgueva gives us the necessary advice to start chasing them. Here are some:

The change

Leaving the comfort zone, the routine and changing our habits can be the beginning of the road. When we are accustomed to certain things, beliefs and norms, the mind closes and does not open to new conceptions or perspectives. Life is not white or black, there are also other shades in which its essence is in the difference.

The success

What is a successful person for you? A good status or fame is usually recognized as a success, but we do not value empathy, emotion management, altruism, bravery so much … The material is overrated, leaving aside personal aspects that deserve more attention. If you move away from luxury and conceive it with less desire or interest, perhaps you will approach that happiness that is found in small things. A place where you will find the meaning of your life.

The excuses

Fear can drive us back on the road. Why abandon things out of fear? Many times we give up thinking that we will not be able to reach it, for having to go alone on the road, for believing that perhaps it is not what life holds for us … But if it is what you want, why don’t you throw yourself for it ?

The excuses appear one after the other and we put ourselves barriers believing that we will not be able to achieve those dreams, but if it is not even tried it is clear that it will not be achieved. On the contrary, when you bet on it and bet on yourself, then, the necessary conditions may be met and luck is on your side.

The beliefs

The tradition, culture, and vision that our parents have imposed on us will mark the path of our lives. Although you are the only one who can change the way you look at things and open yourself to plural and different world. You know reality and you have established principles, but there are more realities and more perspectives to hold on to make your dreams come true. Nothing happens to get out of these traditional conceptions and get away from fears by risking and imagining new possibilities in your life to develop your abilities and challenge yourself.

Listen to oneself

The main mistake we make is to grant the decision to others. Yes, without realizing it we ask our friends and family, looking for an answer that helps us or an opinion that directs us or verifies that we are going to take the right path. However, we do not listen to ourselves that, precisely, we are the ones who will live that life. The problem is not to seek help, but the answer is not in others, you have it and you must find it to progress.

The control

Some of us are too perfectionist or farsighted, so we want to have everything under control. But you have to keep in mind that life changes from one second to another and that we cannot have everything planned because your plans may disappear for some unexpected reason. There are times when we need to let ourselves flow and follow the path that life is taking us, maybe there you find your place. Uncertainty and adventure often go hand in hand with big dreams.

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