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Learn to Free Yourself from Useless Worries

We all worry every time we go through moments of uncertainty and changes, when facing decisions or when we face difficult problems and conflicting situations … But, to what extent are those concerns useful?

What helps us make a difference between temporary discomfort or prolonged suffering is the way we care. Laura Vera’s new book, The Useless Concern (Serendipity Collection) focuses precisely on this, on those unnecessary concerns that only bring us anxiety and fear, but that in no case help us solve our difficulties, which makes us suffer more than the account and that prevents us from enjoying the present moment.

However, there is also a more effective, positive and practical type of concern, focused on constructively solving our problems and that helps us deal with any situation.

“When you worry about something that has not really happened, you are causing your body to start the anxiety response without really being a genuine threat.”

As Laura tells us, all emotions, including those that are apparently negative, do not hide bad intentions. The conditioning factor is how we live with them and how we manage them.

Life is a constant change and problems and difficulties form an intrinsic part of it. It is a natural process that, often, is difficult for us to accept, since the problems involve a destabilization of the reality that we have built, and generate in us a state of anxiety and fear.

However, if we were able to change our perspective, we could observe the problems as an opportunity for learning and growth, rather than as a threat.

The author, Laura Vera, has developed her career in the field of psychology and has addressed topics as varied as emotional intelligence, positive psychology, art therapy, or communication skills. In this new installment, it helps us discern the difference between those problems that contribute nothing to us, and those in which we can interfere and from which we can learn.

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