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How to maintain good habits during the holidays?

Many of us are not able to maintain good habits during the holidays, but if we propose we can get it. It’s all about attitude!

We are experts in this, it costs us a lot to adopt new habits, we read dozens of articles on the subject in particular, we inform ourselves, we test, we try again, we adjust, we stumble, we get up and, when it seems that the habit has already been fixed, We have vacations. And not! They do not have to be a three-week vacation, it is enough to escape three days so that our habits suddenly disappear.

This that gives us so many headaches is normal, think about it! Your habits are perfectly configured for your life as it normally is. You adapt it to your routines, your schedules, your work, your journeys, your rest, your time and that’s why when you go on a trip and all that changes, the habit is forgotten – or you can’t find how to keep it.

Well, this exercise that I invite you to do is not a magic pill. It may work for you or it may not. I know some people who have done it and it has been very helpful, but I also know people who, after doing so, did not achieve the expected result. And, as you will see below, it is not enough to sit for a while, do it and leave it at home, but you have to take it with you, on paper, in the purse or on the head, in the form of focus.

Why do we lose focus on vacations?

Well, as I was saying, it is normal for the habit to limp a little in your escapades. Think that you are not at home, or keep your schedule, or carry out the same actions as every day and, therefore, to be able to maintain it, you would have to rework the action plan that you have set.

Imagine that the habit you have worked and want to keep is to meditate first thing in the morning, eat healthily or walk an hour at dusk. People who work with me their goals or who do it with my practical guide achieve their goals, they know that the configuration of the path that leads to the goal takes into account many values ​​and they know that, if circumstances change, the plan must also change.

It is difficult to keep your habit of meditating early if you spend the night on vacation and get up in a hurry to go to the beach. Similarly, it seems easier to eat healthy at home than always eating out of it. And let’s not even go for a walk at dusk! Probably, at that time you are tired of championship wanting to end the day at home or getting ready to go out to dinner and have a drink. Tell me! With all these changes, who is the major that keeps the focus?

And what do the people who do it do?

Many people manage to keep their habits on vacation, I have observed them. They are not a majority, but they are incredibly striking. They may have very different habits, different daily routines and different types of vacations, different tastes and face different difficulties, but they have something in common: they know what their priority is and they don’t forget about it at any time.

So is! For these people, there is no better trick than knowing what they want at all times and putting it before everything else. So they get up early in the morning to meditate, keep their food against wind and tide, or strain their walk for an hour at some time during the day. There’s no more. Just know what you want and continue working for it.

But of course, and others, mortals, what do we do? “I know what I want, but when my alarm sounds, I think I’m on vacation, I turn it off and continue sleeping.” Well, there’s not much to look for, think about how much you want what you want and if you really want to keep it on your vacation.

In my experience, personal and professional, in this holiday habits there are three types of people: those who know what they want and go for it, those who know what they want, leave it and lament, and those who know what they want, but they know that they won’t do it on vacation, they accept it and enjoy it. What group do you belong to?

All three groups are valid, but if you allow me a recommendation, I would stay in the first or the last. The second is a variant of the dog from the gardener in which you are not going to keep the habit, nor are you going to enjoy the holidays. So, no, I can’t recommend it. And now let’s get to the point.

How do I keep the focus on vacations?

Okay, suppose you are from that first group who knows what he wants and wants to go for it. If in addition to the habit, you have managed to create in you a discipline, it may work for you to have the matter in mind and nothing else. No tricks, no magic jackets, or aces under the sleeve; You know what you want and you are not willing to sacrifice it for anything in the world. Well, to it!

Now, if you are one of those people who knows what he wants, but who runs the risk of crossing that thin line between the first group and the second … Here is this very simple exercise!

Take paper and pen and answer the following questions very briefly:

  • What? Write down what you are doing and what you want to continue doing on vacation. Think about whether you want to make some variation in the habit to adjust it to your new needs. For example, morning meditation could be shorter than normal, or vice versa!
  • How? Write how you do it now and how you will do it on your vacation. Remember to consider all possible variables.
  • When? At what time of day you do it now and at what time you will do it on your days off.
  • Where? The same! Where do you do it now and where will you do it.
  • Who? Does it depend on you? Will it depend on you also on vacation? Pay special attention to this question, sometimes our habits do not interfere with our family’s routine because we have it well-adapted, but on vacation, we all have free time and maybe you should readjust your expectations and those of others.
  • Why / why? And here the icing on the cake! It is important that you have a powerful one to help you focus.

If you do this exercise before you go on vacation or, even when you are already there and manage to keep it in mind, it is likely to help you stay focused! I invite you to do it and, whatever the result, tell me! You can find me on Instagram at @spiritualwoman.

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to encourage you to maintain your discipline if that’s what you want, but also to give you some words of encouragement if you find yourself between the sword and the wall of what you want to do and what you think you would like to be doing.

A priori, 10 days without continuing your habits may sound awful. You may think that if you leave it now, you will not resume it later. You may even get angry just thinking about it, but let me tell you something: your 2019 vacations will only happen once, think if you want to spend them fighting against yourself.

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