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7 keys to disconnect from work on vacation

The long-awaited holidays arrive and it turns out that we don’t know how to disconnect . We check the mail very often, we receive calls from work, we spend time thinking about pending tasks and, finally, the holidays end and we don’t have the feeling of having rested.

Many times we justify our inability to disconnect with the idea that we have to be available and will also call us at some point, but have we done everything in our power to avoid this? Do we take care of leaving everything tied and well tied before we leave? Is our permanent connection due solely to the calls of our colleagues?

Disconnection is important.

And we don’t realize it until we return to the routine and realize that we return with the same fatigue with which we left.

Experts talk about a minimum of 15 days of vacation to disconnect from the routine, however, they set the ideal in three weeks. The long bridges, they explain, are a great help to get out of the routine, however, to recharge batteries, disconnect completely and return with the feeling that we start from scratch, they have to be two weeks, how do you see it?

The long vacation annually brings several benefits among which I would highlight:

  • Greater well-being at all levels. Holidays are necessary for our mental and emotional well-being, but also on a physical and spiritual level.
  • Reduction of stress levels. It’s clear! If we manage to disconnect completely from work and all the stress it causes us, our feeling of living stressed all the time will remit.
  • Increase in creativity and productivity. Some jobs do not require much creativity, but what job does not need productive staff? And, better yet, who doesn’t want to be productive and finish their tasks quickly?

Keys to disconnect on vacation.

Yes, saying it is very easy, but how is it done?

Before moving on to the keys that, for me, are more important when it comes to disconnecting on vacation, I want to make a special nod to the self-employed.

For us it is much more difficult to do it because our company depends solely on ourselves if we do not answer an urgent email, nobody does; if we don’t work, we don’t charge; If we do not stay connected, it seems that our project falls.

If it’s your reality, I invite you to rethink how you spend your vacation. The recommendation to disconnect the maximum for two or three weeks is the same for everyone, there is no reason to think that we have to have the superpower to survive year after year without resting. Of course, we know that something inside us prevents us. And that is precisely why I invite you to take a look at this and apply these recommendations as much as possible.

And now, to the mess!

  1. Leave work closed. Before you go on vacation make sure you advance all possible tasks, close everything you can and leave everything that stays open tied. This is only possible if you leave the “orders given” about what can happen and how to respond to it.
  2. Do not look at the mail. Or look at it once a day and, above all, delete the email application from your mobile or at least remove the notifications. There is no way to disconnect if the envelope appears on the screen twenty times a day.
  3. Leave a notice about your return set. The only way for someone not to resend your email insisting, or not calling you to find out why you haven’t answered, is that they know you’re on vacation: make sure everyone knows.
  4. Change the routine. Maybe you prefer to keep it, but there is nothing better than forgetting the usual schedules and routines.
  5. Minimize your connection to social networks. To disconnect is to disconnect, and the more you disconnect from everything disconnectable, the better.
  6. Rest, but keep a good activity. Your disconnection from work also involves having a correct rest and, in addition, maintaining a good activity. You will have noticed that, when we get bored, our mind deals with the first thing at hand; So you know, keep busy. But beware! I do not mean to have to be doing something constantly but to do or not do with awareness, if you pay full attention, you are already doing something.
  7. Invite your mind to disconnect. And this is, if you ask me, the most important of all. Your mind may not agree with your intentions to disconnect, it may even be dedicated to bombarding you with work-related thoughts every day of your vacation; But precisely because of that, your invitation to disconnect must be gentle, compassionate and full of patience. In the end, every time you are surprised thinking about the work, you will have to accompany yourself with much love to another thought and so on and on, and again, and another. And another.

Finally, I want to invite you to think about this topic: what is the most difficult thing about a disconnection? Based on previous years, how much do you usually disconnect and how much do you think you will disconnect if you consider these keys?

Remember to observe you because only then can you emphasize what costs you the most and, if they haven’t already happened, I wish you a happy holiday!

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