10 tricks to relieve holiday constipation

Don’t you go to the bathroom when you travel? Do not resign yourself to suffer the same torture every year without need. With good habits, you can reverse it and return to regularity, also away from home.

Are you regular going to the bathroom, but the rhythm stops completely when you travel or sleep away from home? The holiday constipation is something quite common among men and women of all ages who face each year to the same torture. When it passes, the sensation of swelling, loss of appetite or continuous discomfort that never goes away can make a trip bitter and want to return to the routine to restore the intestinal rhythm.

But we have good news because, if during the rest of the year it is not difficult for you to evacuate and, therefore, you do not suffer from a problem of chronic constipation, regularity can continue to be daily if you maintain good habits also on vacation. It is true that the mental factor influences constipation when we are away from home and that it can block us, but, in fact, the schedule changes, the diet disorder, the jet lag and the reduction of physical activity.

If you already know that you will probably face constipation these holidays, we recommend that you do good prevention before leaving and that you combine good habits with the help of some natural supplements if necessary. Especially, if you are going to travel to countries where you know that your diet will change dramatically and where you will have a few options to choose what to eat.

How to combat holiday constipation?

In addition to always trying to eat at the same times, we suggest some tips that can help you against constipation:

Do prevention with probiotics

Food supplements based on different macrobiotic strains can mark a before and after in your intestinal health during travel from now on. Probiotics are recommended for many things and that is why you will find a lot of different strains and brands in the market. But, for a few years, some laboratories are formulating them specifically for the intestinal health of the traveler.

Start taking one capsule of probiotics the day before leaving and continue with one capsule a day while you are away. They will repopulate your flora and help you go to the bathroom every day, as well as prevent frequent travelers’ diarrhea or other digestive or intestinal problems.

Keep eating vegetables and fruit, make it whole

Daily and at all meals. Eating vegetables is essential to ensure enough fiber we need to go to the bathroom, among many other things. Remember to fill half the plate with vegetables or salad. Also, probably, it will not be difficult to find them wherever you are, even if they are exotic varieties that you do not know now.

As for the fruit, remember that it will always be the best natural snack, ready to take it over and eat it wherever it is without further preparation. Eat it whole or in smoothies, but not in juice or smoothies, since this way you discard the fiber you need so much.

Cereals, always whole grain

You may not have the option to choose it, but, if you can, always keep the integral version of the cereals, since it retains more fiber than its refined version and that is why they will constipate you much less.

Ah! And remember that, when we talk about cereals, we don’t mean sugary breakfast but rather rice, pasta, bread, couscous, oatmeal, etc.

Eat fat

Avocado, olive oil, bluefish or certain dairy products have a “lubricating” effect inside the body that ends up being crucial when evacuating, especially if you have not been in the bathroom for days. Contrary to what we have been traditionally told, do not avoid fats! Of course, those that you eat, that are of quality and not coming from insane processed.

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