10 healthy habits that will make you forget about diets

We will do the same every year: we embrace a miraculous diet before the bikini operation, skip meals and want to fix what was neglected during the year in a few days. These are the 10 things you should know about feeding so that the same thing doesn’t happen to you every year. And yes, they are things that will cause you to lose weight with your head and not have to be so aware of the scale before the first dip in the beach.

1. Dieting fattens.

“Instead of doing the typical fast diet, use summer as an excuse to change habits,” suggests Jéssica Hierro, dietitian-nutritionist at the Alimmenta Clinic. According to a review of studies entitled Diets Are Not the Answer(that is, diets are not the answer), people who follow fast diets weigh after a little more time than before going on a diet. They lose three kilos, for example, in a short period, but after a short time they end up recovering those three kilos and some more as a gift. For this reason, instead of doing the typical summer diet, modify the way you eat (and live) forever.

2. Compensate your excesses with healthy penances.

“With food, if you overdo it, you have to compensate in some way,” said Lucía Bultó, author of Do we know how to eat?  o The advice of nutrinanny. For example, one day of the week making a completely vegetable diet or adding a plus of physical activity. But the modus operandi must not be at all. “I always tell my patients that adopting this strategy is like recognizing that there are many days that are exceeded. The problem is not so much the calories, which can be balanced, but get used to eating badly, ”says Hierro. Above all, because many times to compensate for having drunk four glasses of wine and eaten several pieces of cake, what we do the next day is to skip the glass of gazpacho and the dessert fruit.

3. Change the white bread for the integral.

“But not because you save calories, but because with less amount you will get a higher level of satiety,” Bultó anticipates. But beware of toasts: while 100 grams of white bread or whole wheat bread provide about 250 kilocalories, that same toast “can easily have 100 more calories,” the expert warns. The reason is simple: when roasted, the bread loses water, so there is a higher concentration of flour.

4. Instead of preparing a juice, eat the whole fruit.

How many oranges do you use to prepare juice? Two? Three? And now say: How many oranges are you able to eat whole? When preparing a juice, it is normal to drink double or triple oranges. “Also, while to eat a whole orange you usually use five minutes, the juice takes five seconds to drink, so the mental satiety is completely different,” says Bultó. And with the whole fruit, you eat the fiber.

5. Create a healthy environment.

“If you get rid of the package of chocolate rice pancakes that you store in the desk drawer and replace it with whole-grain sticks, you will have taken the first step. And at home the same: do not put temptations in the fridge that separate you from your goal, ”advises Hierro. Being away from those processed or so caloric foods will not eat them. It is a sum of logic and willpower. And it is not worth taking walks to the work vending machine.

6. Worry less about quantities and more qualities.

It is not the same to take 100 kilocalories from broccoli than to make it from chocolate chip cookies or potato chips. “It is important that the desire to lose weight does not lead you to fast, but to better choose what you eat,” says Hierro. In fact, with the arrival of good weather, “many women interpret that if they stop eating, they will lose weight when it is not. A phrase that we sometimes hear in the query is “if I hold on, I don’t eat”. In the end this does not work, because, in addition to not being healthy, the body adapts and the person does not lose weight, ”recalls Hierro.

7. Beware of light products because they induce lowering the guard.

That a product is low in fat does not mean that it is recommended. The proof is that there are no light versions of healthy foods. Also, when manufacturers reduce the percentage of fat, some of the flavors are lost. To compensate for this reduction in taste, manufacturers add other substances such as salt and sugar. For this reason, it is often better to occasionally eat a single serving of ice cream than to opt for its light version and end up repeating.

8. Olive oil is healthy, but not exceeded.

Try not to end up herding the sauce left on the plate or use more oil than necessary. Consuming about three tablespoons of olive oil a day is good for cardiovascular health, but double that amount can cause a tendency to be overweight. One tip is to buy a spray for olive oil (aerosols for butter for cooking with fewer calories are also sold in Britain and the US).

9. Prohibit taking carbohydrates.

According to Jéssica Hierro, many women are convinced that carbohydrates get fat, so they run away from them like the plague. What these women ignore is that there are two types of carbohydrates : complexes (such as those provided with brown rice or pasta), which are very healthy, and simple ones (sweets, cakes, cookies, juices, sugary cereals from breakfast, sugary dairy desserts, etc.) that should not be part of any diet and that should be avoided.

10. Be realistic.

Linking one diet after another has become a lifestyle in itself for many women. In Anglo-Saxon countries, it is called dieting. However, miraculous diets do not exist, then, if that were the case, the machines would have gone forever to Neverland. For this reason, do not rely on diets promoted by celebrities or that attribute “fat-burning” characteristics to specific foods. A study by Harvard University has compared several very popular slimming diets to reach this conclusion: the best diet for anyone is one with which they can live in the long term.

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